Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glee Season 2 - the remaining episode

Come Back
1. Baby - Sam Evans (Justin Bieber ft Ludacris)

2. Somebody to Love - Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman, Artie Abrams & Mike Chang (Justin Bieber)

3. Take Me or Leave Me - Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones (Rent)
4. This Little Light of Mine - Will Schuester, Sue Sylvester & Pediatric Patients (Traditional)
5. I Know What Boys Like - Lauren Zizes, Brittany Pierce & Tina Cohen Chang (The Waitresses)
6. Sing - New Direction with Sue Sylvester (My Chemical Romance)

Blame It On The Alcohol
1. My Headband - Rachel Berry
2. Dont You Want Me - Rachel Berry & Blaine Anderson (The Human League)

3. Blame It - New Directions (Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain)
4. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - Shannon Bieste & Will Schuester (George Thorogood)
5. Tik Tok - New Directions (Ke$ha)

1. Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) - Holly Holiday with New Directions (Joan Jet)

2. Animal - Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel and the Dalton Academy Warblers (Neon Trees)

3. Kiss - Will Schuester & Holly Holiday (Prince & The Revolution)
4. Landslide - Holly Holiday, Santana Lopez & Brittany Pierce (Dixie Chicks)

5. Afternoon Delight - Carl Howell, Noah Puckerman, Rachel Berry, Emma Pillsbury and Quinn Fabray (Starland Vocal Band)

Original Song
1. Misery - Dalton Academy Warblers (Maroon 5)
2. Only Child - Rachel Berry
3. Blackbird - Kurt Hummel with the Dalton Academy Warblers (the Beatles)
4. Trouty Mouth - Santana Lopez
5. Big Ass Heart - Noah Puckerman
6. Hell to the No - Mercedes Jones
7. Jesus Is My Friend - Aural Intensity (Sonseed)
8. Candles - Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel and the Dalton Academy Warblers (Hey Monday)
9. Raise Your Glass - Dalton Academy Warblers (Pink)
10. Get It Right - Rachel Berry with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-Chang

11. Loser Like Me - New Directions

A Night of Neglect
1. All By Myself - Sunshine Corazon (Celine Dion)
2. I Follow Rivers - Tina Cohen-Chang (Lykke Li)
3. Bubble Toes - Mike Chang (Jack Johnson)
4. Turning Tables - Holly Holiday (Adele)
5. Ain't No Way - Mercedes Jones (Aretha Franklin)

Born This Way
1. I feel pretty / Unpretty - Quinn Fabray & Rachel Berry (West Side End / TLC)
2. I've Gotta Be Me - Finn Hudson & Mike Chang (Sammy Davis Jr)
3. Somewhere Only We Know - Dalton Academy Warblers (Keane)
4. As If We Never Said Goodbye - Kurt Hummel (Sunset Boulevard)
5. Barbra Streisand - New Directions with mall flash mob (Duck Sauce)
6. Born This Way - New Directions (Lady Gaga)

1. Dreams - April Rhodes & Will Schuester (Fleetwood Mac)
2. Never Going Back Again - Artie Abrams (Fleetwood Mac)
3. Song Bird - Santana Lopez (Fleetwood Mac)
4. I Dont Want To Know - Finn Hudson & Quinn Fabray (Fleetwood Mac)
5. Nice To Meet You, Have I Slept With You? - April Rhodes and Will Schuester
6. Go Your Own Way - Rachel Berry  (Fleetwood Mac)
7. Dont Stop - New Directions (Fleetwood Mac)

Prom Queen
1. Rolling In The Deep - Rachel Berry & Jesse St James (Adele)
2. Isnt She Lovely - Artie Abrams with Finn Hudson, Sam Evans, Noah Puckerman and Mike Chang (Stevie Wonder)

3. Friday - Artie Abrams, Sam Evans, and Noah Puckerman (Rebecca Black)
4. Jar Of Hearts - Rachel Berry (Christina Perri)

5. I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You -  Blaine Anderson with Tina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce (Black Kids)
6. Dancing Queen - Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones (ABBA)

1. Back to Black - Santana Lopez (Amy Winehouse)
2. Some People - Kurt Hummel (Gypsy: A Musical Fable)
3. Try A Little Tenderness - Mercedes Jones (Otis Redding)
4. My Man - Rachel Berry (Barbra Streisand)
5. Pure Imagination - New Directions (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)

New York
1. My Cup - Brittany Pierce and Artie Abrams 
2. I Love New York / New York, New York -  New Directions (Madonna / On the Town)  
3. Still Got Tonight - Will Schuester
4. Bella Notte -  Noah Puckerman, Sam Evans, Mike Chang and Artie Abrams  (Lady and the Tramp)
5. For Good - Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel  (Wicked)
6. Yeah! - Unnamed female acappella group (Usher feat. Lil John and Ludacris)
7. As Long as You're There - Sunshine Corazon with Vocal Adrenaline
8. Pretending - Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson
9. Light Up the World - New Directions

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